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2 definitions by The A-C M

Originated on a certain anti-chav site, used to describe the odd relationship apparently inbred chavs have with other (male) members of their family. (SEE Jug Ears. ALL chavs have jug-ears.)

Probably obviously, it derives from brother, uncle, and dad, and it has been quoted as "merely being uncle dad with 2 extra letters".

No-one, as of yet, has managed to figure out how a person might become brother, uncle, and father all to the same person.

A suitably humourous female counterpart has yet to be coined.
That chavette only has a dummy in her mouth to keep in all the spooge she drained from her bruncledad's nutsack.
by THE A-C M September 20, 2006
Phrase used in pretty much every conceivable scenario when person#1 makes a claim that requires proof to be believed, and person#2 demands that the proof be given, or person#1 shuts the fuck up.
Pietro, Ultra, Earl Grey: Hey! That's not fair ACM! "proof or stfu" is our phrase that we invented!
The ACM: proof or stfu
by The A-C M December 16, 2006