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4 definitions by The 88

During girl on top the girl leans back during climax and leans back till she heres his dick pop and breaks it.
i laughed so hard when i gave him a broken plank.I broke billiums dick!
by The 88 July 06, 2008
4 2
While your jerking a guy off keep the cum in your hand and than have him go down on you and when hes down put the cum in his hair and rub his head so when he is done he ends up looking like Don King
when im done with him im gonna make his ass look like Don King
by The 88 July 06, 2008
14 13
While your guys licking your jewels quickly close your legs around his head. and than laugh obnoxiously.
when billium stuck his head in my box i clamped down on it. he thought he could snatch my jewels like julia roberts in pretty women.
by The 88 July 06, 2008
3 8
your giving your guy head next to and ironing board. right before he's about to cum slap his ass with a hot iron on his cheeks.
He wanted me to give him head so i made him a special belgian waffle.
by The 88 July 06, 2008
31 52