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When a man dresses up like Payne Stuart and heads out to pick up chicks. Said golfer/man picks up a slut and brings her to the nearest golf course. He convinces her to have sex in a sand trap. During intercourse, the golfer extracts his penis, dunks it in the sand, and re-inserts...Thus giving her the 'The Dirty Golfer'!
Girl 1) Hey Girl, you've been waddling around like a penguin all morning...what happened sweet heart?

Girl 2) It's kind of embarrassing, but I got 'Dirty Golfered' last night...It is Payne-ful!
by The 425 Dirty Donkeys May 15, 2011
While having sex, pull out and cum on the kitchen floor. Run to the closet, grab the mop bucket and dump the dirty water on the bitch's head. Hand her the mop and tell 'er to get to work!
Dude 1) Yo bro, your kitchen floor is as clean as a whistle- whatup?
Dude 2) That's right homie- I brought this slut home last night and gave her the 'Sloppy Bucket'!
by The 425 Dirty Donkeys April 06, 2011

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