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A person who is a fan of the hit TV Show "X-Files"
I am such an X-Phile, fuck you Trekers.
by The Ù December 09, 2002
When a male (or female) excites the male reproductive organ (penis) to the extent where the victim has heart failure from: lack of oxygen supply or lack of blood to the brain
1."Dude, have you seen Sean today?"
2."Didn't you hear? His mom found him, did a deathjerk"
1. "Poor fucker."
by The Ù December 09, 2002
n: A very flamboyant male who makes homosexual references, inquires, body language.
Hey Bob, see Dick over there? He's a goddamn fagmuffin, let's go donkey punch him.

Damn fagmuffin.
by The Ù December 09, 2002
When one accidently commits suicide by depriving oxygen to the brain while masturbating. See deathjerk
1. "Know how many people die each year from autoerotic asphyxiation?"
2. "No"
1. "1000!"
by The Ù December 09, 2002
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