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verb (Julian Assanging; past Julian Assanged)
1. To release documents, cables, gossip, or other confidential information without the express consent of the information's creator.
2. Engaging in 'unlawful' sexual acts with a male or female partner(s) during the course of a honey pot operation as part of an international conspiracy to prevent instances of the first definition, usually while one or more partners is asleep.
1. When I found out Greg was sleeping with Jenny, I Julian Assanged the info to Bobby, Greg's boyfriend.
2. Last night I was totally with this hot chick. I mean she was like a 9, and I'm used to 4 and 5s. Anyway, when she was asleep I Julian Assanged her, but when I woke up the next day she was gone and my hard-drive was missing.
by The "Real" Julian Assange December 20, 2010

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