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Delaura is a horrible. Some of the students and teachers there are so stupid. Delaura has good parts and bad parts. The good parts would be, the dean is cool other than the cowboy thing, there are some cool teachers in art, drama, spanish 2, the double class teachers, and 7th grade lang arts and science, and some of the 8th graders are cool. The bad parts are, we cant go to mcdonalds or anywere else, most of the teachers are stupid, the vice principal is horrible, most of the students are obnoxious ( expecially 7th graders), we are on the beach and cant were flip flops, and most of the facalty has nothing better to do than dress code people, and edline is a pain in the butt, but thats at every school. Overall delaura sucks! if you are a parent, dont send your kids here.
Oh..... In a different section it talks about thad and alisha. They are both cool. Get off there backs. If you have nothing better to do than post comments about what people ware than you need to get a life!
Delaura Middle School Life
Teacher: Why are you wereing flip flops?
Student: what the hell do you mean by that? WE ARE ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!
Teacher: Put some shoes on.
Student: Get a life. We are on the beach. I should be able to were flip flops.
Teacher: I dont care what you think. You are just a kid.
Student: screw you! You are just an old waste of skin. Go rot in a hole.
Teacher: you just earned yourself a detention!
Student: whatever. Its not like you are going to actully show up to make sure i come. you are to lazy.
Teacher: Ok! you win. just go sit down.
Student: Tell the whole class you have no friends, and you are a loser.
Teacher: Ok
Teacher: I have no friends, and I am a loser.
Student: hahahahahahahahaha
Student: What an idiot.
by The one who made you July 12, 2009

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