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someone that by targeting the 16-17 year old girl audience has now obtained recognition in the music world. His songs in all reality are fucking horrible. They contain really no story other than him wanting to fuck bitches and rapping about adolescent shit that really has no feelign to it at all. Crank That, one of his songs, has become a huge hit even though it is poorly written and has shitty beats to it. The sad thing is that people liek this are being hailed as superstarts now and the younger listeners no longer respect truly great rappers like tupac, notorious B.I.G., dr. dre, and alot of other really talented people
instead they listen to this shit
and he lives with his mom and dad...i rest my case
girl: "hey lets go to that soulja boy concert tommorow night"
Boy: "ya and maybe tonight you can sleep with a gun in your mouth"
girl: "..."
by The Gibber October 20, 2007
A group of friends that originated in Huntington Beach, California. This acronym stood for Down For Dining. This was another way of saying that you are for or that you want to go and eat. Favorite places include, the IHOP outside of Knotts (especially during knotts scary farm), the IHOP on main street in huntington beach. and chris' house. (otter pops)

guy 1:dude omg i am so hungry, are you DFD?
guy 2: fuck ya bro, lets hit IHOP, i'm so down for dining
by The Gibber July 24, 2006

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