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verb used to exclaim utter foolishness, awkwardness, unawareness, etc.
Someone- Hello

Me- Huh?

Someone- I am Yitzach Fimburg

Me- *dorps
by The Zebu March 09, 2004
An organization of internet terrorists complrimising of ex-seniors from the clock crew. They are based at wtfnoob.com and devote themselves to anti-almost-everything and flash animation.
CC got boring, so I joined WTFnoob.
by The Zebu June 15, 2004
A chinese halberd having a slender, curing blade, usually with tassles on the tips. Used by the anceint warrior Kwan Dao who supposedly became a god.
The Kwan Dao was used cheifly for taking down calvary.
by The Zebu December 07, 2003
Mezmorizing chant created by the Clock Crew emphasizing on the greatness of Strawberry Clock.
by The Zebu September 09, 2003
Word of Irish Gaelic origin; an insult. Use this handy acronym to remember the meaning:

B ig
I ignorant
F at
F ucker
Man, Miguel Caron is such a biff. I hate him.
by The Zebu January 25, 2004
A dork is the lowest member of the social food chain. Dorks have little if any friends, and always act in bizzare manners such as purposfully acting retarded or spastic.
If someone picks their nose and eats the snots, or farts and laughs at it, the individual is truly a dork.
by The Zebu November 20, 2003

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