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A religion which tells you to love and respect your neighbors and your parents, yet is centered around a man nailed to chunks of wood.
Christianity is funny.
Someone who, in lack of real friends, turns to computers or video games for a companion. Usually thinks their intelligence makes them better than everyone else. Yet anyone with any intelligence would realize we need dumb, hard working laborers just as much as thinking nerds to co-exist. So nerds, learn your place, and learn the place of others. And go outside every once in a while.
I made fun of that nerd in his Final Fantasy shirt.
Redneck term now used by anyone who wants to follow the trend of being a 'cowboy' or being a 'redneck' themselves. Who wants to sound like an inbred, white trash hick?
Git r done?

Home of the greatest thrash metal to ever exist. Bands like Metallica, Testament, Exodus, Vio-Lence, and Sadus, who played the fastest, most aggressive music known to mankind.
Bay Area Thrash is more metal than your mom.
see Everbore i.e. band that makes boring music but has a fanbase who is obsessed with flashy guitar solos and Albino men groaning about the government's plots against us.
That Nevermore album helps me get to sleep.
Just as a gay man says "Yay!", a nerd will say "w00t!". Yet the majority of nerds are gay, so there lies another mystery.
W00t! I pwnz0red ur bu77h0l3 s1lly!
One of the worst bands to ever come into existence. Their song subjects range from hating Christianity to hating Christianity. Which is suiting, since every song sounds exactly the same as the last.
Glen Benton is dumb. He's in Deicide.
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