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The filth of America and Africa. Niggas are the uneducated black people that steal from society and have destroyed people's lives. They are extremely dangerous and will kill a person on impulse. They have no respect towards society, their social group of other niggas, and they have no respect towards another person's life. They have destroyed and corrupted many cities throughout America through their violence and theft. They are savages, barbaric niggas that will turn on each other to make a quick buck. Throughout history the nigga has wrecklessly destroyed each other and anyone in their path. In Africa it is nigga versus nigga, trying to form an establishment to rule over the other niggas. These disputes as dealt with violence. Women and children, and young niggas under the influence of other niggas, have died in the process of niggas trying to establish power. The nigga is a terrible blemish on today's society and should be dealt with immediately, otherwise they will infest every corner of the planet and corrupt it even more so than it already is. Our down fall, humanity's downfall, is the nigga.
Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, niggas wielding firearms opened shots at helicopters and men in uniform that tried to rescue the people of New Orleans. Niggas took alcohol, expensive electronics, and money from abandoned shops during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. They have no remorse for what they do. Take a look at the rap world where niggas fester over and breed amongst each other. They get their things stolen by other niggas, they mistreat women, and they are drug users, they are extremely racist, and prejudice towards our civilized society.
by The Voice of Truth September 01, 2006

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