54 definitions by The Truth

1. A person who is blind from the truth
2.A person who is just normal and average.
Dude, You are pulling a Shaharyar on me. Just STFU dumbass.

A so-called genius whouldn't have scored less than 650 on SATverbal
by The Truth February 12, 2005
the at of when a male leaves a boule movement on a female's chest and engages in an act of sexual intercourse with the pile on her chest.
Baby, I'll give you real pleasure. Let me give you a dirty nacho.
by The Truth March 05, 2005
A place where there are the good; armenians, georgians, some ossetians and some russians. The allright; some ossetians, some azeris, daghestanis. And the downright assholes; some chechens, some russians, some ossetians, some azeris, some armenians and all adygs, abkhaz, abaza, cerkess, etc.
caucasia, the south is ok but the north needs a little clean-up.
by the truth August 18, 2003
to have sex with other guys
Brad threw down last night...4 times
by The Truth May 26, 2003
It's where Rocko lives.
Rocko lives in O-Town with his pals Heffer and Filburt
by the truth January 08, 2005
some fj who jerks off when u turn your back. Very freaky.
by the truth December 09, 2003
I'd like to see your Fat Ass get shot 9 times, in fact, you will. I hope. 9 times by a 9mm close range by Ja Rules faggot ass Rat ass cookie monster thugs. And he's right, that SPINNER WORTh MORE THAN YOU. He's Raps MVP, there's nothing you can do about it, so get to know him.
"Fuck Off Haters." How do you think he go where he is today? By selling his mixtapes and music people liked, now millions love him, and even overseas. FUCK OFF HATERS!!!!!! G G G GUNiT !!!!!!!!!
by THE TRUTH March 23, 2005

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