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People use this saying to protect their friend when they are about to get into a fight with a drunk Jeep driving homie.
The saying is used mainly in Miami where most of the Jeep driving porn homies tend to spend the majority of their lives.
Travis: Sunset's sick bro
Daveo: Fuckin' oath lad. It looks like a painting drew my god.
Travis: SighThat ghetto bitch is calling me again.
Nicholas: Imagine how bad it would be going to a barmitzvah under-dressed.

*phone rings*

Daveo: Sup Greg lad?
Gregory: Dude, some cunt parked in front of your house and i cant drive past piece of shit.
Daveo: Aww fuck, i bet its Nate's car. He's my neighbour. The dude is a porn homie.
Gregory: Well, tell the cunt to fuck his car off.
Daveo: Yeah ok ok settle down you sick cunt.

*Walks to Nate's house*

Daveo: Oi, Nate ya Cunt! Move your fucking jeep.
Nate: Go fuck a rat.
Dylan: Shit Trav, Daveo is going to get bashed by a porn homie. Do something.
Travis: Yelling to Nate Word to your jeep, brah
by The Teach September 20, 2008
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