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verb: To lick

The act of licking.
Boy licks girl

girl: "Don't dristin me!"

Boy: "I'll dristin you if I want to!"
by The Superheroes July 13, 2010
An infinity abstract scale, measuring internal expression of desired autonomy in an externally viewed world of invisible and undefinable interconnection.
Empathy: To truly walk in the shoes of another, those shoes must literally be on your feet.
by the superheroes December 04, 2014
douche bags that like to cheat on girls. They're extremely scrawny, have goo on the sides of their mouths at all times, and weird double chin things. They like to brag about having sex with all these girls (that they've only known for 30 seconds or so) yet how can they have sex when they have teeny weenies? The proof is that they always wear insanely tight (Silver) girl jeans and there is never a bulge. Ever.

They thinks they're cool by drinking passion fruit tea, putting flowers in their hair, putting Buddha beads around their neck, wearing those tight jeans, and the way they stand....yet all of these reasons make people wonder if they're gay.

They're very rich but they only seems to wear jeans with holes in the butt that show their bright orange boxers. People will literally pass them and think they're a girl with a dyke-ish haircut.

If you like small packages, go for an Aleks.
"I can't believe you're dating an Aleks." Girl 1

"What?" - girl 2

"Yeah, people will think you're dating a dyke!" - girl 1

"...." -girl 2

"Oh, and he probably has another girlfriend as well as you." - girl 1
by The Superheroes June 17, 2010
The symbiosis of knowledge and serenity.
We shall overcome(art)
by the superheroes July 06, 2015

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