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Sometimes spelled whitie, a whity is used in urban areas to describe a white person with no distinct nationality from the suburbs. They usually sport blowout haircuts, and expensive clothing which they wear with little essence of styling other than what they saw on the manicines in Abercombie and Fitch.

They only come to urban parties for two reasons... drugs (usually cocaine or oxycontin) or girls. Because they rarely know anyone else at the party, you'll observe that more often than not they'll mess with the people nobody fucks with, including drug dealers, and the gang banging type.
Some high-class girls came to our party, and naturally, some whity kids followed. Bringing drugs around here is bad enough, but then they started getting in the faces of some pretty dangerous people, and ended up with liquor bottles over their heads.
by The Sub February 26, 2005
A structure in Washington DC which was never reached by Canadian forces, as they were destroyed at the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. It was burnt by British forces in the War of 1812, but a rainstorm dosed the flames.

See also: What some moron Canadian nationalist wrote for the first definition under Canada.
The President lives in the White House during his term.
by The Sub July 20, 2005
A type of every day civilian that forms menial tasks around the city. They are usually low class in wealth, and are very unkept in appearance. Shaggy or greasy hair, bad skin, and odor are usually found around mutants. They can be found driving a city bus, handing out parking tickets, or cleaning up government facilities.
I saw a mutant trying to write a ticket for my car because it was parked 3 minutes over the hour limit, so I told him to get the fuck outta there.
by The Sub February 15, 2005
1) A person who makes loud noises, particularly during either sex or physical exercise.

2) A flash program with a massive shift in volume. It will usually start up low so you have to put your speakers up, then will emit a loud 'scream' literally out of nowhere.
1) I had to put a pillow on her head to keep her from waking up her parents, she was such a screamer.

2) That flash program which plays the song really low backwards is a screamer.
by The Sub February 18, 2005
Over a decade ago, Toyota revolutionized the American luxury car world with the introduction of the Lexus line. In the early 90s, the economy was booming and luxury cars were once again a hit. Toyota succeeded with the Lexus, and it remains to this day the top selling luxury car in the United States.

Now, comes a new trend. A trend which was spawned from the coke-snorting habits of Generation X. It is the ugly car trend.

Each big company has it's own hideous car. The infamous Honda Element (wannabe hummer), the Volkswagen Golf (Ricers seem to be all over this one now), the Pontiac Aztek (Anyone who pays money for that needs to have their heart ripped out on an altar, Aztec style), the PT Cruiser (You'll cruise right by any hopes of getting poontang in that one), and last and certainly least, the Chevy Avalanche (If you get in a collision, the rubber will make the other car bounce off you).

Toyota once again plans to dominate a rising line of cars with the ugly Scion. This includes the shoebox on wheels, and the wannabe Impala.
I had a Scion infront of me. A Pontiac Aztek to my right. A PT Cruiser to my left. And a Honda Element behind me. If I had one, I'd set off my car bomb and sacrifice my life to remove these hideous cars from the road.
by The Sub March 11, 2005
A sport invented in Massachusetts, and unlike most other sports, has actually become more masculine over the years, with the introduction of longer shorts.
Basketball went from white people shooting around in thigh-huggers, to black guys slam dunking and laying up in long shorts.
by The Sub February 26, 2005
Also known as a sausage fest. Sword fights are parties with an overwhelming amount of males. What few females there are usually being cock blocked too. They develop when too many different cliques decide to show up, with few females being told of the party. Also, if two parties are being held at the same time, more or less one of them will turn into a sword fight, depending on which people the girls like.
I went to some dudes house party and it was a total sword fight. All the girls were either at the club or movies that night, and some other kids were cock blocking the girls that were there.
by The Sub February 26, 2005
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