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Act of two males copulating. Pillow chomping optional.
"I love you Brian."
"I love you too Jeff."
"I'm going to give you such a fudging."
by The Strut September 29, 2004
Mucus produced at the back of the throat and brought up to the mouth to spit out. More common in smokers. Also see 'loogie' or 'coughing up a lung'.
Barking is going to have a serious TB problem. The pavement is absolutely covered in yebbles.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
A type of Indian curry.
"I had a lovely chicken tarka last night."
"Don't you mean chicken tikka?"
"No, it's like chicken tikka but a little otter."
by The Strut October 11, 2004
1. A mistake
2. Place of abode
1. "Anyway, he just tells his mum he just tripped up while his pants were round his ankles and just happened to fall on to the dog with his erect penis."

"What a gaff!"

2. "What you doin' you dirty little smack-head, comin' in my gaff, tootin' your gear? I'm gunna bust you up."
by The Strut October 01, 2004
The act of 'muscling in' on someone who is chatting to a member of the opposite sex. Generally happens at a bar. A friend of yours may be talking to an attractive person, you go up and start chatting with the two of them, shifting the whole dynamic of the conversation on to yourself. Chances are it will be your friend going home alone tonight.
Wow. That is some stunner Scott is chatting to. I must have her.

Out comes my bucket of sand. Scht scht scht scht.

Hi! Scott, who's this lovely lady?
by The Strut September 29, 2004
Plesantly shaped vaginal lips. Keith Burtons well proportioned.
"Come on Nik, I know it's our first night together but I really want you to take me to bed and lose me forever."

"Okay Ali, let the dog see the rabbit."

"Oh Nik, you say the sexiest things."

"Hmm. Nice lettuce leaf."

by The Strut October 25, 2004
Term used for someone of Scottish origin who takes a shine to someone when drunk and then does not leave their side for the rest of the night.
She’ll only come out at night
The lean and hungry type
Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before
Watching and waiting
She’s sitting with you but her eyes are on the door

Woo-oh here she comes
Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
Woo-oh here she comes
She’s a mclimpet.
by The Strut October 12, 2004

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