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A term for a woman with a large vaginal passage or man with a particularly lax anus.

Magicians tend to have enough room to pull rabbits and such from inside the hat, demonstrating large hidden volume.

That guy's got an arse like a magicians hat.
by The Spike February 23, 2007
Used when playing FIFA football on the Xbox/Playstation to describe a player who is extremely talented at shooting accurately from over 50 yards.
That guy is "the cobbler", he loves giving it the big shoe!
by The Spike February 23, 2007
Shoes that make you look gay, possibly because you are. Similar to fag rags

Check out the fag boots on that guy!
by The Spike February 21, 2007
A “large” clean bowel movement which requires no wiping or clean-up job later, see Teflon
- “Why are you looking so pleased with yourself?”
- “Dropped a Double Teflon mate, clean as a whistle”
by The Spike February 21, 2007
Anal sex without lubricant, see no lube
I was dry riding some tart the other night, fakin' loved it she did
by The Spike February 21, 2007
Another word for "fanny batter"
I went down on her but she had some serious vag veg - It was rank
by The Spike February 21, 2007
Used to describe someone who's annoyingly dim and slow

The term was created by a friend of mine in the heat of anger, shouted at a new female employee resulting in them running out the office in tears.
Sort it out yourself you---you fucking stupid donkey!!!
by The Spike February 20, 2007
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