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The douchebag that you see at hardcore shows that is usually extremely fat that takes up the entire pit during a show and will mow down anyone who dares to step into the pit with him. Usually very aggressive and hot-tempered in nature and probably sucks really bad at hardcore dancing. Extremely annoying especially when there are two or three of them that are all friends.
Great...another show with a freaking pit-hog
#pit-hog #hardcore #show #douchebag #fat #annoying #aggressive #dancing #pit
by The Muffin Man 69 April 13, 2009

A person who doesn't fully understand what Straight Edge is and says that they are Edge "sometimes", just because they think it will make them cool.
Person 1: "I'm straightedge but I sometimes do drugs."

Person 2: "You're such a sometimes edger."
#sometimes #edger #drugs #sxe #straightedge
by The Muffin Man 69 April 21, 2009
Apparantly some sort of negro-slang refering to how good you are at sex. Generally a good thing.
I had hot sex last night with a guy who could wurk it.
#wurk #sex #it #negro-slang #good #thing #reference #guy
by The Muffin Man 69 April 13, 2009
Name for the type of slang that is used by black people. Words for the most part sound like complete nonsense and consist of words such as "work" that are simply mispelled to say "wurk" and suddenly are given a completely different meaning. Many of the words are sexual references.
That negro-slang makes no sense at all.
#negro-slang #black #nonsense #idiotic #sexual #retarded
by The Muffin Man 69 April 13, 2009
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