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117 definitions by The Moody Poet

A gay man's word that is described when kicking someone's testicles for sexual gratification. See bondage or ball torture.

The nugget is represented by the balls or testicles; and to nugget my balls is to have someone kick the balls or injure them in such a way that winds the person.
Cyril walked into The Laird, put down his handbag and yelled in his biggest butchest voice, "Nugget My Balls! A queue of men quickly got in line to kick Cyril in the balls.

"Somebody needs to go in and nugget that bitches balls!"

Fred who was drinking at the 'Nugget Up Bar' nuggetted another man's balls who walked up and ordered a females drink.
by The Moody Poet August 07, 2006
71 34
To be sexually promiscuous with more than one corpse and unable to settle down with the one corpse sexually.

To play the corpse field and not have any emotion in the feelings of monogamy with corpses.

To be a total slut with a House In Virginia who sleeps around with other sluts with Houses In Virginia. See AIDS-Fuck or George Michael.
"Anyone would think that little necro-slut Billy-Ray was using that cemetery like a food buffet at Sizzler."

"I know Billy-Ray has no sense of wanting to settle down with the one corpse!"
by The Moody Poet September 14, 2006
73 39
When someone keeps odd hours.

When someone sleeps during the day and is awake during the night. Not necessarily a hooker but originating from a hooker in the strange hours they keep i.e. 6am go to bed, 6pm time to wake up.

Anything that is not 9 to 5 i.e. shift worker, insomniac, sex maniac, prowler, hooker, street hustler, prostitute, drug dealer, addict, paranoid schizophrenic, stalker, peeping tom, voyeur, exhibitionist etc
I just got a text off Glenn, it went... U lazy slut! r u keeping hooker hours now???

"Why doesn't Jo-Beth wake up like the rest of us folk?" "Oh she's keeping hooking hours now after she got involved with the booze and dope scene of Hollywood." See Hollywood Slut Syndrome.

"Lindy-Lou is either a vampire, or just keeping hooking hours...either way something's up!"
by The Moody Poet September 07, 2006
47 14
A sling fuck is when you’re fucking someone in a sling.

A sling fuck is a supporting black leather cradle that is strapped, hoisted to the roof with chains, which a person is able to lay back on, and wait to be sexually penetrated. See Bondage or Mistress.

A sling fuck is a dirty term used for promiscuous men and women at sex clubs that like to be fucked by lots of multiple partners. See slut or cockworshipper.
"I bet that little bitch is just begging for a sling fuck tonight!"

"Yeh I sling fucked that slut from the ghetto last night."

"Excuse me Miss Vanstone, would you be interested in a sling fuck tonight?" "Should I order the tip truck to slide you in?"
by The Moody Poet August 15, 2006
54 21
A Beat is a public toilet or public restroom where gay men congregate to pay homage to Priapus. Please see cock worshipper and George Michael.

A Beat is the Gentleman's toilet or lavatory where George Michael displays his sexual talent as an alfresco cruising artist bent over a urinal. Visual material of beats can be seen and heard on George Michael's single, "Outside", where George plays up his arrest for engaging in a lewd act in a notorious public restroom at a Beverly Hill's city park.

Beats are public toilets where heterosexual policeman who are in fact confused homosexuals go to live out their sexual fantasies, or at least get close enough for a taste of them.

A dirty beat has been satirized as Courtney Loves mouth.
"I saw this Big Greek Dick sticking out of the bushes on the 'Hampstead Heath' in the U.K!" "I could have sworn it was George Michael's."

"I've seen beats in third world countries that are cleaner than Courtney Love's mouth!"

Jason was sick of going to all the beats in Melbourne, so he decided he would bring them to his house by graffiti'ing his name and mobile number up on the urinal wall. See beatslut and A Beat.
by The Moody Poet August 11, 2006
56 29
When you play pool (billiards) and lose, you lose your clothes!!!

Every time a person get's their ball in on the pool table the other person has to take an item of clothing off.

Can also be played the slow way where if a person loses the game of pool they have to take an item of clothing off.

Same rules apply to Kelly Pool where you take numbers.
Candy and Matt where playing Strip Pool. Matt was on Bigs and Candy was on smalls. Every time Matt hit one of his bigs into the pocket, Candy had to remove one of her articles of clothing.

Strip Pool is K00l!!!
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
81 58
The Queen of England is a ruling female monarch or Sovereign that is head of state for the United Kingdom and it's Commonwealth. i.e Australia etc

The Queen of England is slang for when a female storms into a room and will not be reckoned with, and will not take no for an answer.
POMMY ACCENT - "I couldn't very well bloody believe it!" "Whah" "Jessica marched in like the Queen of bloody England and told me I was fired and had 30 seconds to exit the bloomin' building!"

When my mother died, Cheryl just marched in like The Queen of England and took whatever she wanted, and left without even a word!" "Not a word!"

Who does that Irish tart Sinead O'Connor think she is, The Queen of fucking England?"
by The Moody Poet August 22, 2006
45 24