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Anyone born with the name Branden is clearly considered the alpha male of all males. Women drool over the presence of a Branden, and will try desperately to get into a Branden's pants. They are shaped perfectly, tone, have beautiful hair, amazing eyes, perfect skin. A Branden is always pleasurable in bed and know's sex by perfection. Any Branden is instantly adapted to liquor and can handle mass amounts in a short amount of time without getting sick, they are an alcohol champ. A Branden is extremely experienced in the arts of combat and be very dangerous when irritated, keep caution when a Branden gets angry unless you're an attractive female... then be happy. Branden's are usually very romantic but balance it out with a very strong sexual side, the scent of a Branden will make a female love. Branden's always have very big urethra's, and are able to pleasure women with ease. Everyone will eventually have a love for a Branden. A Branden will eventually rule the planet Earth.
"Hey girls.."
"You see that man over there?"
"He must be a Branden, sexy and hung like a horse."
"Lets get em' girls!"
by The Master Branden December 25, 2009

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