110 definitions by The Man

when something excites a guy to the point where he creams his jeans right on the spot
when lucy took off her top i cracked a phat stain
by the man October 06, 2003
When one can't stop shitting
Man I got Da Shits
by The Man July 23, 2001
male using him self to knock the balls in the hole
I see you playing Pockit Pool!
by The man December 19, 1999
Generally an ambiguously gay person. Hikes on dicks.
Woa! Dude! What a dickleheiker!
by the man January 13, 2005
1. Gigantically Orgasmic
2. Amazingtastic
1. Oh man, fucking her was gigantasmic
2. Wow, i just owned him and that was absolutely gigantasmic
by the man December 28, 2004
To spoob
"I need a verb." "Spoobing!!"
by The Man February 26, 2004
Sinister corporate and/or government interests.
Terry sold out to THE MAN years ago.
by THE MAN October 10, 2002

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