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In "open" variations of poker such as Hold 'Em or Stud, to have one's strong hand beaten by an opponent whose stronger hand is only completed with the last face-up card, called "the river" or "Fifth Street;" or, to beat an opponent's strong hand with the last face-up card.
I had a runner runner straight flush draw against The Kid's full house but I rivered him. Sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reason.
by The Man May 10, 2004
The act of smoking blunts all day on every wednesday of the week. When one participates in blunt wednesday, they smoke literally all day. Waking and baking, then smoking all day whenever he/she deems necessary. Smoking before one goes to bed is a must. BUt what makes blunt wednesday unique is that you must stay high ALL DAY. No sobriety can be felt.
Yo, it's blunt wednesday!
by the man February 14, 2005
Abbreviation for Decatur. A city on the East side of Atlanta where several rappers are from.
Just call me motherfuckin Baby D from the D-E-C
by The Man October 16, 2003
A boy who is not tough or strong or a boy who is a flat out sissy
Guy 1 "Man did you see that sissyboy start crying when he was hit in the arm!"
Guy 2 "Yea man I think his name is Reuben or Jesse."
by The Man March 25, 2004
One who is the biggest vagina.

The largest of all vaginas.
Dude, he didn't even ask her out, what a Mega Vagina!
by the man January 13, 2005
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