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City located on Interstate 80 in between San Francisco and Sacramento adjacent to Travis AFB and home to the California Medical Facility prison and some pretty good outlets. Also hometown of Papa Roach, baseball player Jermaine Dye, Nick Arcamone and Kris Goldstein, all great pimps in their own right. Also known as Lack-of-Thrill, Whackaville, and Cow Town.
Vacaville is hella lame but they have a Nike Outlet so its all good..
by The Man March 06, 2005
1.A discotheque.
2.a.Music. Popular dance music characterized by strong repetitive bass rhythms. b.A style of dancing done especially to disco music.
Get Down to the Disco funk !
by The man December 22, 1999
what men wear to make themselves feel pretty
are you wearing pantys?
by the man December 19, 1999
One of the Best Football Programs in NEW YORK STATE. They don't lose very often, a matter a fact the RYE Garnets are 49-5 in the last 5 years so that just tells you how good they are. They won the State Championship in 2005 and are looking for another one in 2006. They have been to the state Championship 3 years in a row. They are Disciplined, well coached, strong , athletic, very talented and fast.
Rye football is like The new york Yankees of High school football. Rye is very good
by THe man June 19, 2006
a waste of time
Windows update How would you like us to waste your time today?
by The man October 18, 2001
To meddle and give unwanted advice. kuh-Ib-itz
Stop kibitzing, I want to live my own life.
by The Man November 30, 2004
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