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great band, wouldn't call them the GREATEST band ever but a very good band.
The Cure!!!!! not as good as NIRVANA but great.
by The Man August 24, 2004
to rub one's genitals against someone without penetrating
They where dry humping when the made came in
by The man December 14, 1999
An acronym for the band called Dave Matthews Band. Known mostly for their shitty ass music. Quite honestly, they are one of the more overrated bands out there.
kid 1: hey man, let's smoke up
kid 2: ok, let me put on some music. *plays DMB
kid 1: what the fuck man!?!? *pukes all over himself and takes a shit on the cd*
by the man December 28, 2004
An enlightened company that is try to standardize software program interfaces to reduce training time while also providing useful and powerful applications.
Windows NT should replace linux servers everywhere. Maybe than you wouldn't have to be a l33t h4x0r just to install a program.
by The man October 08, 2002
Verb (most commonly), Noun, Adjective. It basically means horrible horrible luck and anything generally associated with it. Named for Koji for the digitalmzx.net forums who seems to have such a horrible run of bad luck that he must've broken a funhouse, not just a mirror.
v: "Yeah, I got zapped by lightning walking home from school on a clear day" "Wow, you got kojied."

n: "A shovel fell out of a plane onto my head" "Thats koji for you."

a: "I got trampeled by a rampaging herd of Indian elephants while walking 10 miles from the zoo." "Sounds like a koji day."
by The Man April 05, 2005

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