110 definitions by The Man

thats when you have someone lick yo ass
i gave my wife a rimjob
by the man December 19, 1999
The complete and full definition of suave is-

Nick LeBart.
Omg, he is sexily suave!!
by The man March 23, 2005
the product of two ugly ass people having a child
damn jeremy and heathers baby looks like a swamp donkey.
by the man February 16, 2005
to perform oral sex on a male
God, he wants me to bite the big one
by The man December 14, 1999
A slang for marijuana
Lets smoke some buyaka!
by The Man March 13, 2005
The most stupid, unchill town in California. The think they're the shit, and in reality they're just a bunch of napkins. They hate the towns that surround them, cause they know that they all could beat their asses. To everyone who happens to live there.....i'm sorry.
"We didnt light that shit on fire, what are you talking about!"
by the man April 13, 2005
A chill ass word better than any word some stupid nigger made up.
that negro is straight up bunco
by The man June 22, 2004

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