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Anyone who has contempt for another person soley due to race, religion, or creed. This person will usually make sick jokes about the rape of a young child, the killing of a disabled person, or just talk openly about his homosexual fantasies. He will go out of his way to prove to you that he truely is a douschbag.
"No man, sending the special ed class to the incineration room for a field trip would be terrible."
"No it wouldn't, it would be funny. Then we would finally be able to rid the school of those filthy retards."
"You're sick. Actually, you're Steveil."
by The King of Woodridge February 25, 2008
The rap name of an infamously sloppy MC.
"Fat Joe looked really sloppy in that new video of his."
"It couldn't have been more sloppy than Chink Master Slop in his new video. You know, the one where he vomits in a cup under his bed, and then forgets about it, only to find it 3 weeks later."
by The King of Woodridge February 25, 2008

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