16 definitions by The King Cornholer

A wise and lucky man who's wife or female friend allows him to place her on all fours and be behind her. Spread her asscheeks wide and gently apply his nose above her stink star and slowly inhale the aroma and scent of her gumhole while he jerks off enjoying her funky, anal scent, pumping his rock hard cock until he blows a large gummy load.
Hank: Hey Dirk! You Seem Mighty relaxed today.
Dirk: Yeah, I had a good time last night.
Hank: You got laid?
Dirk: No, I wanted to have sex but she didn't, at least she let me be a Bung Sniffer.
#gumhole #bung sniffer #cornhole #bung tonguer #stink star
by The King Cornholer April 06, 2008
That delicious part of a womans body that is the most ignored. While spreading her butt cheeks, you apply your nose to her anus and slowly inhale the scent of her bunghole and enjoy the aroma and begin to lick and suck the taste right out of her turdcutter. Once her gumhole is ready, you might get to cornhole her and bust a gooey nut deep in her tailpipe.
Madge was horned up, I licked her pussy and asshole clean and she was ready. I lubed up and penetrated her bunghole. Her turdcutter was tight, squeezing my cock. I busted the biggest nut I ever had deep in her balloon knot.
#cornhole #turdcutter #gumhole #anal intruder #bunghole
by The King Cornholer April 02, 2008
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