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60 definitions by The Kentucky Yankee

A large denomination in the religion of Christianity that has smaller factions such as Missionary Baptists and Southern Baptists. This is not a denomination that is predominantly composed of Southern Whites, contrary to popular beliefs and opinions. Instead, it is a widespread religion that is practiced by many people here (Ohio River Valley) in the Midwest, the Northeast, all of The North, the West Coast, and even over in Europe. It is one of many Protestant (Non-Catholic) groups that are Christian, are being Baptist is also a great thing to be.
Baptists are devout Christians who know Jesus is the Savior as well as the only son of God. They go by the teachings of the Bible, worship God AND Jesus, and have accepted Jesus into their heart and experience the miracles and love of God, who is the ONE AND ONLY true god.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 08, 2004
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A disabled and defenseless woman who is being murdered in the slowest and worst fashion. Now that she cannot legally have access to bodily nourishment from food, she will surely die because of the actions of Michael Schiavo and the liberal army at his back; UNLESS we take action very soon. A human has a right to life, and it's quite obvious that she is conscious and somewhat has an idea of what's going on around her. She is not braindead and worthless, except in the eyes of her scumbag, jackoff of a husband, and his left-wing cronies and judges supporting him. And just how do you Libs know that she wanted to die? There is NO written or recorded proof that she wanted to, and she did not tell Michael the Asshole Murderer anything she wanted to have done in this kind of situation.
To the person who claims that Terri's brains are mush, perhaps you should go get yourself a CAT scan.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 24, 2005
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A complete idiot usually from the South or Texas. They often have unbearable accents. Sometimes you will see a couple of redneck brothers and it doesn't look like they have a brain between them.
Rednecks like to sit in their living rooms or front porches (which both have furniture, of course.) while drinking beer and complaining about how Mexicans and Blacks seem to be taking over their pathetic little group (meaning only a sixth of the white race.)
They think that they look, think, and live better than everyone else. Rednecks like to think that they know about politics. However, not everyone that voted for George W. Bush is a southern redneck, but many of them were. I am so glad that I neither look, talk, or think like those bastards do.
I was, unfortunately, sitting beside this redneck at my Daviess County High School auditorium when we had visitors from the New York City Fire Department come to tell us about 9-11. Then the redneck said "Now ah have to listen to his irritating Noo York ahccent." I responded with "Sounds better than a lot of people here." (True Story)
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
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Another derogatory nickname for a Democrat, especially a liberal. It is a contraction of Democrat (first half) and hypocrites (second half). This is used based on the fact that most Democrats are a bunch of two-faced hypocrites who only defend certain positions and stand up for certain groups of people.
-Claim to be against corporations and hate big business, but many of them have their own (ex. John Kerry has Heinz).
-Say they're not racists but grill black, Asian, and Hispanics people when they are part of the Republican Party. (ex. Condoleeza Rice being called "Aunt Jemima".)
-Declare themselves to fight for racial equality when in reality they get "special" and extra rights for specific racial and ethnic minorities (which puts them above everyone else because it breaks the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution), while rarely giving anything to Native Americans.
-Hate and try to ban Christianity while sticking up for other "oppressed" religions like Judiasm and Islam.
-Blame Bush for all the deaths and tragedies in Iraq and calling him a warmonger, when presidents like Wilson, Truman, and LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) got us into most of the wars during the 20th Century.

Editors, don't delete this just because you don't agree with it.

The Kentucky Yankee: Bringing you numerous definitions about politics and those involved in them since August 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 03, 2005
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One of the proper nicknames for the infamous Homosexual Capital of the United State of America: San Francisco.
The homo got bashed and threatened in Texas, so he decided to move to San Francisco and be with fellow fudgepackers.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 29, 2005
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Here's a nice one.........
Yo mama so stupid that she held a bonfire at a shell gas station.
I personally think that's pretty funny.
by The Kentucky Yankee July 09, 2005
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A former white rapper who a few years ago decided to appropriately go more rock with a slight tad of country. He often calls it southern rock, but it isn't. It is "blue-collar" rock mixed with a little hip-hop and occasional country and has a distinct Michigan flavor to it.
Kid Rock not only has made good music, but he is an avid Bush supporter as well. Hell Yeah!
by The Kentucky Yankee December 07, 2004
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