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The act of someone leaving a massive crap and a large amount of wet toilet paper in the komode and it clogs it. This happens frequently on college campuses, rest stops, restaurants, and dormitories, where janitors usually have to clean it up.
I had to go to the bathroom on the 2nd floor of my dorm hall, and I opened the stall door to find a brown disaster! It was gross.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 31, 2005
A sarcastic or lighthearted term for bare feet, or to go barefoot. This is derived from the stereotype that most Kentuckians are a bunch of hillbillies who go around barefoot, make moonshine, practice incest, etc.
Its really hard to walk on gravel when you're wearing Kentucky shoes.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 09, 2005
This is two different things:
A comic strip that comes in a lot of Sunday newspapers.
And a term for somebody who's pathetic, just can't win, or never seems to do anything right.
I just cant pass any of my tests.....Im born to lose.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 13, 2004
Another term or name for a Redneck or Southern Hick, especially one that is loyal to the Confederacy. This word is derived from the color of the jacket that Southern soldiers wore when fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
The great part about calling a redneck this is that most of them are too dumb to realize that this is an insult. But that is also because no one today has ever used it frequently, if they ever have.
Hey! Quit yakkin, you grayback; my ears are starting ta bleed.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
When you are playing a video or computer game and you manage to get yourself killed in one way or another.
Player 1: Aw man, I just got dead.
Player 2: Hmm....that's too bad, I've already made it to the next checkpoint.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 18, 2004
A phrase that can be said in self-defense when someone is verbally harassing you. It implies that you do not care if they hate you for what you are or what you do, and that you will not conform to their ways to satisfy them. Useful in situations involving politics, choosing sides in an argument, etc. It is a perfect saying when you are under verbal attack by hate-filled people.
Some bitch: You suck! That's because you're a Republican!
Ryan (Me): You can hate me if you want, I'm not changing for nothing.

The Kentucky Yankee: Proud UrbanDictionary user giving you great comebacks since August 1, 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 03, 2005
The same as a letter in the alphabet or that you write to someone in the mail, but the "r" is not pronounced, and also making it easier and more fun to say.
So the teacher asks: Max, what is the first letta of the alphabet???
by The Kentucky Yankee July 09, 2005

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