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I've realized what a redneck is. It seems to be almost everyone who is either of not the upmost cultural and economic standing, or someone who lacks sophistication and tends to be rather simple, yet they work hard at the same time and stand up for what they believe in. In that case, almost all of us, including myself are rednecks from time to time. Midwestrn Soldier and myself would like to apoligize for being so hard on you all.
I'm a redneck myself from time to time.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 07, 2004
Third-largest city in the midwestern state of Kentucky with a population of over 54,000 people. Founded in 1812 by settlers from north-central Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Established along a southward bend in the Ohio River in the northwestern section of Kentucky, directly across from Indiana. It is unofficially known as "The Most Southern of Northern Towns", as it is located in the lowermost areas of that massed area.

Owensboro is world-famous for its quality Barbecue (or Bar-B-Q.) The annual Barbecue Festival is held every summer in downtown, and even draws tourists from other nations. The city is home to Johnny Depp and several lesser-known Christian Rock bands and a band known as Atticus Fault. Owensboro is pretty cold during the winter and late fall, and very hot in the summertime. The downtown riverfront of Owensboro is gradually developing to make it better and to look more attractive. The people are very polite and hospitable. There are families with long-running businesses as well as successful lawyers, physicians, and doctors. The middle/medium-income class is most prominent, while there are several thousand of the poor, lower class.
The best places to eat in town are The Bistro in downtown, Moonlight Bar-B-Q on the westside, Applebee's, King Buffet Chinese/American restaurant off the Expressway bypass, Texas Roadhouse, and the House of Canton in southtown. The city also holds an annual Civil War battle re-enactment of the Battle of Sutherland's Hill, the only significant Civil War engagement in Daviess Co., Kentucky and also a Union victory. Three Union regiments, two of Infantry and one of Cavalry were formed in Owensboro back during the Civil War, though the city is small, it still has considerably good shopping, plenty of places to eat, an interesting history, and a lot of sights to see, including Ben Hawes State Park, Legion Park, Yellow Creek Park, Golfland, the Korean War Monument, the Owensboro Museum, a large 12-screen movie theater, and the elaborate, upscale Executive Inn.
Owensboro is a good large town. It has a beautiful downtown riverfront, and it is my hometown.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 05, 2004
A form of influenza that results from catching a virus and the inflammation of the stomach and intestines, also known as gastroenteritis, and usually lasting from 1-10 days. Common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lack of energy, and nausea. Unfortunately, the stomach flu often leads to a series of weaker stomach illnesses and diarrhea that can last for another two to three weeks, but vomiting doesn't always occur during these "aftershocks".
Even though there are no cures or vaccinations available for this, there are still home remedies, however. These include clear, carbonated beverages including Sprite, Sierra Mist, and 7-Up. In addition, there are foods that are easy on the stomach such as crackers, chicken noodle soup, white rice, bananas, and turkey. One of the best things that can also treat it is getting lots of sleep.
On August 30, 2005, the day after the poor folks in New Orleans got struck by Hurricane Katrina, I came down with the stomach flu, and it took me three more weeks after that to fully recover.
by The Kentucky Yankee October 31, 2005
Also known as a trailer park, or a lower-income neighborhood typically located in the Southwest, the Southeast, and the Lower Midwest.
You know how most big cities have a "red-light district"? It's kinda like that except a large town in one of these regions doesn't have one of these areas of town. Hence, they are replaced with a redneck district.
Sorry, we don't have a red-light district here in Owensboro, you sick pervert. However, we do have a wonderful redneck district that you might just be interested in.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 20, 2005
A hard-working white person or just an unsophisticated white person that possesses one or many of the characteristics and qualities of their counterparts that live in the South.
The differences are:
1.) They talk with Northern/Midwestern accents and don't say y'all as much or they don't say it at all.
2.) Some Northern rednecks (but nowhere near all of them) tend to be more racist than southern rednecks.
3.) Don't engage in "redneck sports" like muddin' and hog calling, unless it's in the lower regions of the North, such as southern Indiana or northern/northwestern Kentucky. Northern Rednecks have their own sports like snow mobile riding, hubcap discus throwing (but that also exists in some parts in the South), and ice fishing.
4.) Though also a stereotype as with all rednecks or anyone else that doesn't support Kerry or ultra-liberal ideas, most (but not all) of Northern rednecks are Republicans and/or strong Bush-supporters. Also, they are also very patriotic about their nation and their soldiers. That is NOT a bad thing at all.
In short, Northern rednecks are good and awesome people in my opinion.
I am a local of northern Kentucky with Indiana and Michigan influence (family, local music of that area, etc.) I have a nasal "twang" accent of Indiana and the Upper Midwest. Also, I am a loyal Bush Supporter and a devout Republican. Therefore, I am a Northern Redneck.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 07, 2004
When you have just finished insulting or pissing someone off with something you say to them, this short phrase can be attached onto the end in order to tell them to "take it hard" and therefore adding more strength and power to the impact of the insult.
The gap in your teeth are so big, I don't know whether to smile back or kick a field goal! Feel it hard!
by The Kentucky Yankee December 07, 2004
Abbreviation for Northern Kentucky University, a large metropolitan college in Highland Heights, Kentucky, just seven to eight miles from Cincinnati. Established in 1968 with just two buildings, it grew from a small state college into a large university that brought in students from dozens of countries and over 30 states by the 1980s. As of now, the usual population of students enrolled at NKU is roughly 14,000-15,000. Interestingly, the residents make up only 15% of the total student body (about 1,400 young adults). In addition to having excellent Disability Services; history, anthropology, religion, and art degree courses, Northern has one of the only three law schools in the state. Finally, it is said to actually be one of the most conservative college campuses in the entire nation.
I am enrolled as a Freshamore at N.K.U.

The Kentucky Yankee, bringing you definitions on people, places, and things since August 1, 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee September 27, 2005

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