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A substance that is breathed out by nesting mother dragons and condenses from their breath --it has numerous uses.
Its a spell using Dragon Dust .
by The Isbey August 19, 2006
The most common type of Australian dragon, which rears its young in a fiery pouch and breaths blue smoke
That Marsupial Dragon looked like a kanguroo.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
A French dragon that disguises itself by looking very like a gargoyle; sometimes said to have extremely long neck
I thought that gargouille was a gargoyle.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
A person who uses his or her sure mastery of dragonological science to conserve and protect dragons
Do you see her? She is a Dragonmaster.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
In t.v. series that are derived from other forms like books or comics, fillers are episodes that did not appear in the book or comic. The creators of the television show make up episodes (that are normally really bad) and air those episodes that because they just needed to air an episode and they couldn't use a real one. Fillers can also be used to give the television show creators more time so that the book or comic creators can get farther ahead of them so that they don't catch up to the book or comic.
Something that i would like to point out is that the anime Naruto which was derived from the manga Naruto has had about 3 seasons of fillers because the anime nearly passed the manga.
by The Isbey August 19, 2006
A particularly powerful magical gem that has the ability to reflect a budding dragonmaster with perfect clarity
I saw my reflection in the Dragon's Eye .
by The Isbey August 19, 2006
One who is adept in the decipherment and construction of riddles and who has survived numerous riddle challenges
One day i will become a Master Riddler.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
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