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Sometimes used simply to mean dragon; specifically, it refers to particular two-legged, wingless Asian dragon.
Did you see that Lindworm running through town last night?
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
The classical fire-breathing Western dragon, with wings, scales,an arrowhead tail, claws, and horns
That dragon is an European Dragon
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
A general name for the lair of any knucker; specifically a place near Lyminster, England, known as the Knucker Hole
I went to the Knucker Hole yesterday.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
A sort of dragon costume meant to fool dragons who are being spied on. It should be made from fireproof material.
I used a Dragon Decoy to get passed that dragon
by The Isbey August 19, 2006
Most often used to refer to the ancient runes that were allegedly gifted to mankind by the dragons themselves
This letter its in Dragon Script.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
A very large, feathered, serpentine dragon found mainly in North, Central, and South America
Did you see that amphithere? It was so cool.
by The Isbey August 15, 2006
One who is adept in the decipherment and construction of riddles and who has survived numerous riddle challenges
One day i will become a Master Riddler .
by The Isbey August 19, 2006

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