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12 definitions by The Informant99

A half ratarded claymation humanoid ape beast which is the spawn of a Hobbit and a Dwarf. They were used mostly as a work force by the Kingdom of Gondor. They fed mostly on horse shit so it was a great cost affective way for Gondor to clean the streets of piles of shit. Dwarbbits were incapable of speech so they were not considered equal.

A group were gathered into a boxing stage and were given 2 geese for payment for cleaning up the streets of the river city. The attempt was to thank them but the result ended up being a barbaric beating and slaughter of all but one Dwarbbit. The surviving Dwarbbit managed to kill the others by beating them all to death with a goose. Thus Gander Match was born and was the main source of income for Gondor for 100 years. This betting on Dwarbbits armed with geese became the forfront to the cock and dog fights of today.

The mortality rate was shocking. Because they were such dumbasses they'd sleep alot face first in the mud and drown. Also, there was a high percentage which would jump off the castle walls. At first it was thought as successful suicides but later found out the Dwarbbits were chasing shiny reflections off the walls. It was noted they weren't smart enough to figure out how to kill themselves.
Dwarbbits are a great way to make easy cash with gambling.
by The Informant99 January 07, 2012
The act of throwing a hail mary grenade pass at the surviving teammate of a Hot Potato at the start of a Halo Reach match on Xbox Live while saying "and he goes for the hail mary!" on the headset piece. Originating in Jan 2011 in North Alabama, this move has pissed off thousands who play Halo Reach. 80% of the time this move works and the targeted teammate is killed. If the 4th teammate is still alive then the hunt and quest begins for killing him. This hunting scenario is called the Halo Rabbit Hunt. Please refer to Hot Potato for events leading up to the Hot Potato Halo Mary to better understand the process which takes place.
That dood survived the hot potato but I got him with the Hot Potato Halo Mary!
by The Informant99 January 05, 2012
Little people who were sodomized by Elves in the 1st and 2nd age of the parallel dimension and world to ours called Middle Earth. They lived in mines and inside the mountains for the most part. Many Dwarves died during the Stank Mines period, which Elves would buttrape Dwarves till they died from an exploding rectum. Not all Dwarves died during this act of sexual conquest but 50% of their population were wiped out and 35% of that population's death were suicides. Some Dwarves were captured by Gondor to be mated with Hobbits to produce claymation looking creatures called Dwarbbits.

For a period of 1000 years the Elves pounded the little Dwarves' ass holes day in and day out. They were restricted to a population control managed by the Elves so they could not revolt. The Dwarves finally turned the tables and took over the Elves and killed most of them by the use of thrusting their axe handles into the pootbox of the Elves. Most Elves were allergic to this act thus it killed them.

During the time periods the Dwarves were free of getting fudge packed they were a powerful group of people and were rich with rare types of metal, ore, and cocaine. They stuck with cocaine and couldn't keep up with the demand of their dealers so Middle Earth sodomized them for not producing enough. Ultimately the Dwarves were killed though because they smelled like cabbage.
These Dwarves have tight little asses
by The Informant99 January 07, 2012
A grenade move formed for Halo Reach. Origin, North Alabama Dec of 2010. Hot Potato has touched the hearts of thousands who play Halo Reach. Mostly done while guys are having a drunken Halo night.

The actual move of Hot Potato is as followed. You & 3 buddies start playing Halo Reach. Technically it's 3 including yourself but a good rotation with 4 + is always a thriller. 3 of you & 1 unfortunate soul on a team is the actual plan. Once the game starts, turn towards the middle of your team & say "Hot Potato" with your headset on & throw grenades on the ground & everyone dies with the game saying "betrayal, betrayal". All 3 of you do this while the 4th innocent victim is confused. Everyone starts up in the same spot again, thus Hot Potato continues. After 2 or 3 times the 4th guy starts to pick up on it & by that time the game has sent him a message giving the choice to boot you. Most of the time boots are around the 2nd & 3rd time. In some cases the 4th player will try to kill you while cursing over the microphone in an unhealthy rage. Point out too him it's only a game & his mother would enjoy your Hot Potato if she answers your booty call. This will cause him to make threats but it's better for him to say he is going to beat your ass over Xbox Live than for him to beat the shit out of his girlfriend.

If by an act of God 1 of you & the 4th player survives the event then a hail mary grenade pass to the 4th player is a follow up. This combination, Hot Potato Halo Mary.
Holy shit, this guy and his friends did a Hot Potato at the beginning of the game on Halo Reach!
by The Informant99 January 05, 2012

A sack of shit who molested the fuck out of the hobbits and dwarves in the parallel dimension and world to ours known as Middle Earth. It was never made clear why he would thrust his dick inside the rectum and asshole of his helpless pray but everyone knew no matter what he was going to bust a nut into an ass if he ever got ahold of one.

His targeted pootboxes were hobbits and dwarves for the most part but there were some cases reported of him being found spanking dwarbbits across his knee with a herring or trout. He was sued by the Masters of a hobbit he accidently killed by spanking it's blistered up ass with a king salmon.

Ironically, Aragon was killed in battle by an Orc who identified him as the ass fucking rapist who slipped him the date rape drug at a bar at the River City in Gondor during peace time. The Orc, also known as Ganoddab and the savior of all hobbits and dwarves, ended the life of Aragon by breaking off a leg of a table and shoving it up Aragon's shit factory. Eye witnesses of the horrific event noted apon Aragon's death there was a smile on his face due to him having an orgasm.
A greased up naked midget is a tickle fest waiting to happen for Aragon.
by The Informant99 September 16, 2012