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A man's genitals.

From "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
"I don't want my new boyfriend to know about my candy. You know, my tootsie roll."
by The Grammar Nazi November 11, 2002
Acronym: Bring Your Own Crap. Similar to BYOB or BYOM.
It's a BYOC party.
by The Grammar Nazi June 06, 2001
Everything's cool. Derived from radio terminology.
John's got a five by five attitude about love.
by The Grammar Nazi February 20, 2002
Very, very excited.
I'm so stoked about my date Friday night!
by The Grammar Nazi October 20, 2001
An erection.
Also see hard-on stiffy
Dancing is tough when you've got a chubby.
by The Grammar Nazi November 07, 2001
Mixin' some good vinyls; behind the wheels of steel.
Let's go to the club and check out some phat turntablism!
by The Grammar Nazi August 18, 2002
person who has a small penis
haha the grammar nazi has a small penis
by The Grammar Nazi January 14, 2003

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