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DST, or daylight saving time, is both a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to make the day longer (daylight saving) by setting clocks forward one hour. This initially screws us over by depriving us of one hour of sleep on the first saturday night in April. However, it also allows us to enjoy the sunlight for an extra hour in the summertime, letting us party hardy every night for that extra 60 minutes.
Jim: DST fucked me over last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep.
Bill: Yeah but think of all the extra daylight we will have this summer, during which we can party hardy.
by The General April 04, 2004
Used to aid a munchjob. Contents include:

• (1) hairy mustache (may be used for disguise or simply pleasure)
• (1) container of Altoids
• (1) pair of tweezers
• (3) rolls of dental floss
• (10 oz.) tarter sauce (for added flavor)
Knowing what was to come, he whipped out his munchjob kit and immediately began to apply the tarter sauce...
by The General November 23, 2003
This is something that can be bet, sold, or transacted in some manner. It is a methaphorical term that is used to describe all of or a majority of one's money or belongings. The actual ammount of money it represents is dependent on a number of factors.
While playing some no limit Texas Hold 'em, I bet the farm and declared "All in"
by The General June 06, 2004
A term used to describe getting some action, mainly referring to intercourse. It is used often when describing singles action, when neither parties have a significant other and are just hooking up.
My brother didn't come home until 11:30 this morning, he was probably partying hardy or just gettin' butt last night.
by The General May 16, 2004
One who is a remedial student one who acts as if life is the 4th grade one who is not intelligent yet does not attend Special Education classes and does not use illegal drugs, but hangs out with Kyle Hudson
Amber Posey is writing notes during class to her boyfriend like a remeed.
by The General January 31, 2003
Usage of the word "crunk." May be used as the past tense of the word crunk.
"Yo I got so crunkered last night."
by the general April 13, 2005
Used to affirm or concure.
Transformation of "for sure".

Meaning: "Behold, I agree with and accept your previous statement. You rule, as do I."

Alternate use: "Phoash no." meaning "A most emphatic no."

Alternate pronunciation: (pa-ho-aa-sa-ha) *pronounce each letter.

The noun phrase "biatch" may be added after either meaning.

(Created by Nate Dogg of Escondido, CA. You cannot step, hoe. Bown down.)
Shaun: Nate, that lifted Tacoma with the Volcom, Thrice, and Billabong stickers is gay.
Nate: Phoash. We should dong slap that fool.
Shaun: Phoash biatch. Do you think he has any sense of self-awareness or individuality?
Nate: Phoash no.
by The General February 26, 2004

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