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19 definitions by The Captain

(KOS) he or she who exhibits a supreme amount of sleaze; sleazier than all other human beings.
Danish is the king of sleaze
by the captain December 04, 2003
Half squirrl half hampster....

Fuck off.
The Dugly Squampster house
by The Captain March 11, 2005
a woman who, in an effort to boost her less-than-endowed boyfriend's confidence, wakes the entire house with moaning noises during coital enocunters.
The Worm was over last night...she's a Mad Moaner. or The Mad Moaner woke me up at 8AM...she's a great alarm clock. or Let's Mad Moaner-proof the door.
by The Captain January 29, 2003
Oh, no! A shipful of Moosekas!
by The Captain October 12, 2003
The best fast food resturant in the world.
Why is Adam always at spangles? Oh yeah, cause it's so delicious, and hes having an affair with Anthony.....
by The Captain February 08, 2004
fucking a girl hardcore until she rips
"wow, I ripped the shit out of that girl last night"
"Sean and Ryan love ripping girls!"
by the captain February 08, 2005
A fake hipster, who has fallen behind in trends. A Hipsterdufus would be seen still listening to The Strokes in the latter half of 2001.
by The Captain March 12, 2003