13 definitions by The Big G

The way a shitkicking retard would spell "scrotum fiddler".
A shitkicking retard posted a definition of "scrodom fiddler"
by The Big G July 26, 2004
Laid back Schizophrenic dudes who are the fountain of all wisdom to their friends, and a source of frustration to their enemies because they just don't care. Available for contracts, problems solved, dragons slain, roof slates replaced, krakens turned to stone, moons jumped over, donkeys made to walk backwards. No job too big or small, as long as you don't mind it not getting done.
Write what you like about The real Chris Gray spoonheads no-one cares, unless you have a complaint about our service, in which case only you care, but one is better than none.
by The Big G June 21, 2004
The way shitkicking retards would spell "Anus Turd"
Two other definitions of "Anus Terd" were posted by shitkicking retards
by The Big G July 26, 2004
The act of simply being James Bond.
The part when Sean Connery escaped with the jetpack in Thunderball was pure bondery.

"Shaken not stirred!" magic bit of bondery.
by The Big G February 04, 2004
Motorhead's less famous B-Side.
The track "Ace of Spades" isn't a patch on it's b-side.
by The Big G June 25, 2004
A euphemism for a larger lady, they are so fine, especially when they haven't got a single hair on their sweet soft bodies.
Damn I love them BBWs.
by The Big G July 01, 2004
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