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The act of a computer software progress bar (percent complete indicator) that gets stuck at 99% or 100% or even worse wraps back around to 0% and starts all over.
Ted: "Hey Ed, are you ready to go? We're waiting!"

Ed: "Sorry, I went to apply these Adobe and Microsoft software patches and I *thought* they were done but now I am stuck in Progress Barf hell because someone needs to teach those bastards what the definition of 100% complete actually means!!!! This progress bar just keeps wrapping around, not sure why they even bother, it should just show a picture of a dude with a gun to his head going 'click click click'!"

Ted: "I feel your pain Bro. Catch ya later!"
by The Beezle October 13, 2011
An ungodly consumer of everything alcoholic.
That guy wishes he could drink to Harpellian levels.
by The Beezle January 08, 2010
An utterance of shear amazement at the complete lack of common sense or the complete lack of awareness of ones surroundings. Typically while driving.
(On cell phones)

Andrew: "So yo, homeslice, what you up to?"

Dave: "Just driving to work dealing with my daily dose of fuck nuggets... you?"

Andrew: "Yea, just han.... Really!?? I mean Really!!?? Am I fucking invisible dude!!? Pay attention to your surroundings you douche licking ass pipe! Yo, sorry man, just trying not to get run off the road.
by The Beezle June 14, 2011
The act of being conned by Adobe to install some bloatware, Google tool or desktop or McAfee malware simply because you click to download and install Adobe Flash or Reader too quickly and before the pre-checked additional bloatware box appears on the download webpage.
Go to www.adobe.com, click on Flash Player icon, click button to Download and install.... but wait a few seconds first and the preselected bloatware finally pops up is already checked and included if you miss it. If you find bloatware suddenly on your PC after installing an Adobe product.... you've been 'Adobe Conned!!!'
by The Beezle July 10, 2012
A category of new spell-checkers notably on the Android OS which has a very liberal word replacement policy combined with a smaller on-screen keyboard and normal size fingers which results in the backspacing and correcting of almost every single word typed.
Bob: "Man, every text message I type I have to type and retype and read and re-read before I send because my awesome Android OS seems to want to rewrite my text at random."

John: "Have you tried to recalibrate your onscreen keyboard with the 'quick brown fox....' thingy"?

Bob: "Yup, I'm hatin on this DogGamn chellspecker!"
by The Beezle October 10, 2011
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