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Old school street slang back when cats used to play the numbers in NYC particularly Harlem. It ensured that if any permutation of the number that you selected hit, you would be a winner.
Combinate me, daddy:

8, 2, 1. You got me? 8, 1, 2; 1, 8, 2; 1, 2, 8; 2, 8, 1. I git 'em all?

Screenplay by
Arnold Perl, Spike Lee
by The Amalamps October 14, 2010
the content of a Web page that can be seen without scrolling down; a kin to the newspaper term above the fold
Companies prefer ads that are high on the page, above the scroll.
by The Amalamps January 25, 2011
When your e-communication efforts (text/emails/status updates) are thwarted by the auto correct feature on the iPhone, distorting your intended meaning.
person one writing on friends wall: don't forget we have to be at inventory at 7. would you like a ride?

Friend: yeah, thanks for offering. Thanks for the reminder, too. My member doesn't work so well these days. Old Age!

Person one: there's a pill for that:

Friend: Oh damn, my post was iJacked.

Husband: Babe i don't feel like cooking tonight can you bring home some human beef from golden china.

Wife: ewwww

Husband: oh no! HUNAN...i've been iJacked
by The Amalamps February 04, 2011
The state or condition of being beyond epic.
Last night was complete epicticity.
by The Amalamps January 30, 2011
Police code for Black male.
all units be on the lookout (BOLO) for a Ford Bronco being driven by a number one male down the 405. number two male would be White. number three would be Hispanic. beyond that they would just use the name of the race on the airwaves.
by The Amalamps April 18, 2014
Phone number
You know the happenings, homies just yappin' and
Hand shakin', laughin', and exchangin' all they math again
You usually lose touch when you travelin'... -AZ Never Change

At my man's wake, she said the eulogy
After that I usually, bumped into her shoppin for jewerly
Her bodyguard screwin me, I gave her my math
Ain't nothin new to me, blowin backs out, six-pack Stout's
Nas I Am
by The Amalamps March 03, 2014
1.A basic rule in street fighting to gaurd against an attack from someone's right hand.

2.Euphemistically to take precaution against expected obstacles.
1. Yo son you wann eff w/ me he better keep your left up that's my word.

2. You making that run on the fourth? Yo, you betta keep your left up the feds be creeping!
by The Amalamps May 09, 2006

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