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A powerful and destructive beast, sometimes functions as a bounty hunter or servant for a more powerful King, The Togan has 3 key weapons, His Claws Of Steel, His Furious 100 yard Tail he uses as a whip, and of course his Sword of Cheyann. The Togan's skin is half iron and has spike strips all over it which makes The Togan hard to kill.
When The Togan worked for King Allah, he was sent to bring down and restle the corpse of Ajkabah.
by The Alex June 21, 2005
The savior of any Scarf/Brolet for his great leadership made him captain of the JuneBug Ship.
Columbus Ontanaro sailed on and off shore.
by The Alex June 22, 2005
Definition #1 - A person that uses Marajuana tons.

Definition #2 - A chevrolet SUV model. It was/is made in the body of an S-10(Mid-Size) and a Silverado(Full Size).
Definition #1 - Parox says that nebston is such a large blazer.

Definition #2 - Parox owns a Blazer he likes to take on and off the streets and he runs through dirt because Parox thinks its manly to have your car dirty.
by The Alex June 21, 2005
A strong man that hunts any bird including the legendary Pheonix, he is only able to knock down The Pheonix when the Pheonix is distracted or in other words the "Pheonix Hunter" casts an illusion that puts visions into the Pheonix's mind about the past. The Pheonix, helplessly cannot forgive the unforgetable, emberassing, and humiliating past. The Pheonix Hunter then whips out his primary weapon, "The Hybrid Harpoon." Then he must do a thrust so swift to break The Pheonix's Mighty Barrior Skin.
That Pheonix Hunter sure fucked over that Pheonix!
by The Alex June 07, 2005
It really means someone that practices Judaism but Religious and racist fucks use it as an insult.
"Stop being a fucking Jew Faggot!"

-What the hell is wrong with people??
by The Alex June 22, 2005
A place where theres rednecks and rich people. I think thats where Lenexa and Overland park are
I live in lawrence kansas 30 miles west of Johnson County.
by The Alex June 22, 2005
From The Grand Canyon to Death Valley.
Where Scorpions and Rattlesnakes rome.
From The hot desert weather to the massive rains.
From New Mexico to California.
From decent weed to sand.
Arizona is fucking hot ^_^
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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