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1. a spaceage drink;
2. pussy
guy 1 :"they say that in the year 3000 there will be like 1000 flavours of tang"
guy 2 :"yea, and the juice will be good too"
by the November 14, 2004
the thing a hobo carries, consisting of a stick and a sac of some type.
in the simpsons when homer is boxing against boxcar charlie he put his bindle aside.
by the October 24, 2004
instant messaging, a contraction.
i am iming this guy who thinks i am a hot girl
by the December 10, 2004
similar to the male's sausage fest, this is a party where it is all females. originates from the term pink taco.
the ladies had a taco fiesta last nite
by the October 21, 2004
Uriah Heep was an organ driven band of the seventies who gave us great songs like Gypsy, Rain, And the epic Magicians Birthday. They were Originally fronted by one of the greatest frontmen ever David Byron.
Very Humble Very Heavy
by The December 16, 2004
to force one's self to puke as in fashion with the olsen twin
i had so much pizza i had to pull a mary-kate, no dumbass i didn't take it up the ass, i puked.
by the February 16, 2005
when you are fucking a girl you blow your load on her in a pile so you can dip your mushroom tip in it and use it like a paintbrush to paint the bitch's face, its like a 2nd degree facial.
i gave your mom a good face painting last nite.
by the December 16, 2004
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