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Satan's preferred method of torture. Aptly originates from Hell On Earth AKA USMA
(effect of Thayer Method) "So tomorrow I have a test on something we aren't learning until next semester... I hate my life"
My GPA is 2.0 (additional effect)
by ThayerDragon May 05, 2010
A USMA term for the most shat upon people in the country, even more than the fish you flushed down the toilet.

Other academies, USNA, the unliked socially awkward cousin, particularly, have decided to coin the term as their own since they can't come up with anything original.
"Hey, we need someone to clean up the Firsties puke""Theres a plebe right there"
"The trunk room looks like shit, how did that happen when the plebes cleaned it yesterday? Damn plebes, go get them, looks like they will be cleaning all afternoon again"
by ThayerDragon May 07, 2010

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