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Synonymous with "whatever floats your boat."
"That gay hooker that renowned homophobe Dr. Rekers hired when he went overseas is not cute at all, but, whatever lifts your luggage."
by ThatsTooBad May 04, 2010
Any movie exhibiting both mixed martial arts and flying people, as in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "House of Flying Daggers," "Forbidden Kingdom," "Hero," "Curse of the Golden Flower," and so on.

** In order to be truly Jackie Chan meets Peter Pan, the characters must defy gravity to a hilarious degree.
Bob: "Crouching dragon hidden... what? What the hell is that about?"

Joe: "It's like Jackie Chan meets Peter Pan. It's awesome. Just shut up and watch."
by ThatsTooBad June 29, 2010
You got on the internet for something, but somewhere between Youtube and lolcats, your original purpose was lost. Hours later, you emerge from the Web; not only have you forgotten why you got on in the first place, you've forgotten everything else you did today. Did you eat? Did you call your mother? You can't remember, can you? Oh god, you think as you spiral into a swamp of regret and depression-- but wait. Is that nyancat? -click-

The cycle repeats. That, my friend, is netnesia.
5:27PM - Pizza, fuck yeah. Where can I get pizza? The interwebs know.

5:30PM - Oh, look, insert blog, channel, etc. was updated!

5:52PM - -gigglesnort- -follow video link to Youtube-

6:43PM - Can the human body survive that? How did she get her legs like... I'm forwarding this.

Eventually... - What... What happened? Where are my pants? Oh God, netnesia attack!
by ThatsTooBad June 01, 2011

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