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It's a fun game just to watch and play, and losers with no friends tend to overanalyze the game by citing obscure statistics, like ops.
Fan 1: So who's gonna win today? The White Sox or the Yankees?
Fan 2: The Yankees seem superior on paper, but White Sox sluggers have a .97% greater chance of stealing bases against right-handed starting pitchers on Tuesday day games...
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005
1. n. A meal in between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. that is significantly warmer than room temperature.
2. v. The act of giving head to a man that is currently taking a shit.
1. Pizza
2. Blow your load two differnt ways at once!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 05, 2005
Extremely overrated shortstop for the New York Yankees - although he's a very good hitter (for a shortstop), he's pretty bad defensively and is waaay overpaid, even by baseball's exorbidant standards. He's baseball's equivalent of Tom Brady.
Wow! He had a .500 slugging average and drove in 100 RBIs ONCE! He almost hit 25 homers a couple of times, and he's never struck out 150 times in a season! What a fantastic player! Scott Brosius also won all of those rings! Scott Brosius is the second-greatest player ever!
by ThatsBriskBaby March 07, 2005
The Ohio State University of the East.
Why pay 160 grand when you can go to public school for much cheaper then have money for grad school?
by ThatsBriskBaby June 06, 2005
University in St. Louis, Missouri that claims to be on par with Harvard because the administration does everything in its power to boost its ranking in the US News and World Report. It has successfully fooled many people into believing that it offers a top-notch education. Everyone but employers and grad schools, that is.
So what you have to flip burgers at Burger King? You can impress everyone with your prestigious degree!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 05, 2005

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