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A man's cum filled belly button after a masturbating session.
"After failing to pick up a smoke show at the bar I went home and made some belly button stew."
by Thatguy915 March 24, 2012
A jerkout comes in two varieties, pre and post jerkout. A pre jerkout refers to the act of masturbating before hitting the gym in order to get amped up. A post jerkout is when you choke the sheriff after the gym and is a vital part of the recovery process for your muscles.
Bro 1 - Hey I just bought this awesome pre workout from GNC you want to try it?
Bro 2- Nah man, I'm all set. I just had an awesome pre jerkout.
by ThatGuy915 December 17, 2013
The rush of relief experienced after dropping a persistent turd.
"The toilet at work was broken so I held my turd all day. When I got home and shit I had the biggest buttgasm of my life!"
by Thatguy915 February 09, 2012

In the UK it is another word for pussy.
"Those British folk are so busy taking it up the fanny they forgot they drive on the wrong side of the road."
by Thatguy915 November 08, 2011

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