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nuk (pronunced: nuck) is a word that can be used to describe an event, person, or inanimate object. Random or intense situations often involving alcohol, marijuana, drunk girls, friends, hazing and general tom-foolery are nuk situations.

Referred to as "nukking off", doing something stupid or hilarious could make you a nuk.

Popularized by Phi Sigs around West Virginia University, those nuks have left havoc in the wake of their parties. Nukking off in Morgantown is a common occurrence, where beer and jersey guidos are plentiful. Being a nuk is neither good nor bad, because you probably made someone laugh somewhere by describing you as 'that nuk'.
Tito: Did Matt just puke on that girl?
Sean: Yeah, what a nuk.

Remember that nuk bitch who pissed herself twice on the couch last night?

I was nukkin off last night when i ate an 8th of shrooms, a bomb ass e pill, and decided to hit the gym.

Patrick: I'm goin' home with a fat girl tonight.
Pete: Bro quit nukkin'

I had a hard day at work, where's the bong? I'm about to be that other nuk tonight!
by ThatOtherNuk August 26, 2009
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