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After going Number 2, you take toilet paper and put it on the end of your thumb, and shove it up your pooper to wipe.
Mark uses the Thumb Technique when things get ugly.
by ThatOneGuy987 May 13, 2012
When normal words aren't enough to describe how angry you get at doing something, simply yell these words.
Dan falls off his bike and breaks both his arms.

by ThatOneGuy987 January 13, 2013
When someone wants to sound like a huge racist against asians, and requires money, one simply approaches someone and says, "geev me duh munee." Can be said normally or used forcefully.
Paul: "Fuck dude I need to get more money."

Dennis: "Here I'll get some from Bill."

Bill: "Oh hey Dennis what's up?"

by ThatOneGuy987 January 13, 2013
At night, you and a gay buddy sneak into a friends house, supplied with a pocket full of sand, and a Sandpaper Glove (preferably 20 grain).

After you are done fisting your friend, your other friend sprinkles a handful of sand on him, and then you leave. Good effort.
Colonel and Wook snuck into Mark's house while he was sleeping. They pulled a Sandman, and after nearly waking up Mark, they got the fuck out of there.
by ThatOneGuy987 February 22, 2013

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