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Moon Heads are thugs (or chavs in britian) who can barely string together simple sentences without the use of the F word.

An easy way to detect a moon head is the repeated use of the phrase "arghh mate it woz such a batty crease", a Slight over bite, usually a dimond earing and the trait that got them their name; their huge, oily, spotty, shaven skulls.

In some cases they will have thick circular glasses and/or will be very short

These will be the cockiest little sh*ts you will ever meet, try and avoid this breed of Moon Heads.
Moon Head: "F*cking hell, you F*cking emo!? "

Man: "Erm no i'm just wearing skinny jeans lol."

*Moon Head turns to it's Moon Head(s)*

Moon Head: "ahhhaha f*cking mate!? f*cking batty crease mate, f*cking emo wearing f*cking skinny jeans - F*cking state mate, i f*cking tell you Haha"
by ThatKidChalkie October 03, 2010

To punch/kick/thump/etc. someone so hard that it breaks a giant hole in them, then fill it with concrete to make sure said part is haunted for eternity
"Jim stole your Girlfriend"

"i'm going to monster house his bumole!!!"
by THATKIDCHALKIE April 08, 2014

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