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2 definitions by ThatGuy20

The point at which you and another person get so passive-aggressive to each other that it doesn't matter who started it, because at this point you're both just plain douchebags.
Person A turns down the thermostat. Person B waits for A to leave, turns it back up. Repeat until one has to leave out of frustration. This is the point of mutually assured douchebaggery.
by thatguy20 July 06, 2012
A beer pong tournament in which teams dress up in formal attire. The rules are very basic, allowing no re-racks, no bounce shots, no bring backs, and always having a chance for rebuttal. Generally, the classiest dressed gets recognition as there is humor in those who over do it.
Guy 1: "Who won the Gentleman's Tournament last week?"

Guy 2: "The team with the monocles."
by ThatGuy20 February 24, 2012