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To say that something was over the top awesome; to compliment someone on their awesome moments or themselves; The way of explaining uber-awesomeness (Adjective)
"Dude, you are Supertastical"
"That was a Supertastical Killionaire!"
"This is way Supertastical!"
by ThatDood! April 10, 2009
the description of someone who is very annoying and/or funny; A Person who continually forgets that they owe you a favor.
"Michael is a Piece of Dutch, he forgot that he owed me $20!"
"Oh man, Jamie is such a Piece of Dutch, he just cracks me up!"
"Stop being such a Piece of Dutch!"
by ThatDood! April 10, 2009
(1)A place that has given you the greatest surprise; (2) A Friend which has proven himself full of awesome! (Adjective)
"You, my friend, are now Nerfitical!"
"Dude, that jump was way Nerfitical!"
by ThatDood! April 10, 2009
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