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A slut is a commonly used to describe a female that has sex with loads and loads of guys and is completely confident with doing so. I think its okay to have sex with tons of guys but I think people seriously need to be careful sometimes because a certain guy could be carrying AIDs and he/she wouldn't even know it. So people always use PROTECTION!
''See that poor girl over there'' my friend said to me.

''Yeah? Why?'' I asked confused ''Isn't she the slutty girl who has done lots of guys? why isn't she doing it anymore?''

''She is no longer a slut because she got Aids, she quit doing it and now she is really ill''

''I feel bad for her, she's got no one to hang out with''

''Like us, loners'' she replied sadly.

''Yeah'' I said with my head down.
by ThatAverageGirl October 08, 2012
A stupid word that is said by a stupid person that probably isnt true. It means that a person is really ugly. (fucking ugly) I know a stupid kid that called me ugly and guess what, he was really ugly too. So why say it in the first place? I dont know what goes through teens minds these days, I just dont now.
''Your ugly'' a idiotic kid said while pointing at a random person, being the obnoxious idiot he was.

''Your ugly'' he said to someone else.

''And your so fugly'' he said to me, I felt like punching his ugly face and throwing him in a wheelie bin.

''You Too!'' I glared at him. I swear that was probably the most painful thing anyone has ever said to me.
by ThatAverageGirl October 08, 2012
A loner is someone who has no friends but doesnt even care. In fact he/she doesnt mind being alone, that person probably does feel lonely but is so unsocial that they probably cant remember how to make friends. So they would rather stay alone because... I dont know it seems better that way. I guess but I dont really understand why they would rather stay alone.
Very depressing.
''I saw a kid inside a classroom, he appeared to be reading a book'' my friend told.

''how sad!'' I felt really bad for him, he was always by himself

''I know, I understand why he does since since he always gets bullied by the popular kids. So I guess it makes sense''

''I know he always gets teased for being a 'loner' but with all the drama going on in highschool, can you blame him?''

''Thats so sad''
by ThatAverageGirl October 08, 2012
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